More Motor Vehicle Accidents on Fridays

More Motor Vehicle Accidents on FridaysAdam Court, the Motor Vehicle personal injury compensation Sydney lawyer has discovered motorists have higher crash rate on Fridays than any other day of the week.

Research by NRMA insurance found Friday is the riskiest day to drive with the claims data from 2011 showing, on a National scale, the incidence of car accidents were 17% higher than the average on the last working day of the week.

Research from NRMA Insurance published from 2009 also found Friday was the worst day, but the incidence of car accidents has significantly dropped since then.

The 2011 data showed the worst period for car accidents was between 3pm and 5pm on Fridays when people are trying to get home or pick up the kids for the weekend.

NRMA Insurance spokesman, Damien Butler, says there is no coincidence there are more motor accidents when people are eager to get where they need to be.

Possible reasons include the fact that motorists are getting tired towards the end of the week or they might be rushing to get the kids from school or they might be in a hurry just so they can make their weekend begin. On weekends, the worst times are between 11am and 1pm, but the safest hour on the road during the seven day week is Sunday.

The NRMA spokesman says that while people are driving to the shops or heading out for lunch, parents ferrying their kids also play a part in weekend car accident rates. Additional risk factors that tends to clog up the roads involve parents in cars with their kids getting to and from sporting appointments.

NRMA research shows that whilst traffic accidents do drop on Saturdays they are still significantly higher than on Sunday when people are generally more relaxed. In terms of the working week, Mondays are actually the day for the least collisions – 21% less than Friday.

“We think that people have had a relaxing weekend, they are not as tired as they are at the end of the working week, so there are less collisions on the first day of the working week” says the NRMA spokesman.

Adam suggests paying extra attention to traffic conditions, avoid rushing to a destination especially during peak traffic periods would certainly reduce the motor vehicle accident as well as reducing the number of motor vehicle compensation cases due to injury that one typically goes through.

Source: Sydney Morning Herald.


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