Medical Negligence Claims

As a  Law Society Accredited Personal Injury Specialist, Adam Court manages our Compensation area of law handling a variety of Medical Negligence Compensation claims on a *no win no fee basis.

Adam Court is a highly sought after Personal Injury Accredited Specialist who helps many clients with their Medical Negligence Claims. Adam is recognised as being amongst the best and most dedicated lawyers in the field of Negligence Claims netting millions of dollars in compensation for claimants.

“I understand that sometimes it is difficult for clients to travel. This should not stop them from getting the same quality legal service as all my clients. I will come to you.”

Adam Court is a partner at our firm which has offices in Newport, North Sydney and the Greater Sydney Region. If for any reason you are unable to attend one of the offices, Adam will meet you at a location to suit you.

Laws relating to negligence compensation are very complicated. It is important you do not accept that you are not entitled to compensation until you have consulted with an accredited specialist in Personal Injury Law who is familiar with the procedures and protocols.

Unlike the large law firms Adam Court will handle your Negligence Claim personally from the very beginning by taking instructions up to your Court hearing or settlement as opposing to assigning your case to a paralegal or junior solicitor.

City law firms have high overheads unlike us which has low overheads.  You will find our rates extremely competitive.

There are STRICT TIME LIMITS that apply to Negligence Claims.

*NO WIN NO FEE means that you can pursue your claim for compensation without having to pay any legal fees until you receive your compensation payout. Our Conditional Fee Agreement with you guaranteesthat you will not have to pay any legal costs until your claim is successfully completed and you receive compensation.  Please note that clients can be ordered to pay the Defendant’s costs if the action fails.

If you do not win your case we do not charge you any costs.

FOR OBLIGATION FREE telephone advice or to arrange a FREE, NO OBLIGATION appointment a with:

Adam Court, Accredited Specialist:

Call 1300 734 737 –

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